How to install eclipse neon on UBUNTU 16.04

Prerequisite - java 8 / 9 how to install java 8 / 9.?

Step 1 - go to the to download the latest version of eclipse neon

Step 2 -for linux based OS it will download eclipse-inst-linux64.tar.gz

Step 3 -extract the downloaded compressed file and copy the extracted file folder anywhere (you can keep on desktop too)

Step 4 -open the folder and you can see the installer file eclipse-inst, you can right click on that and click on Run

Step 5 -Now you can see list of eclipse IDE, according to your requirement you can choose. Suppose I want for javascript and web development

Step 6 -And follow the steps and while installing accept the license or succesfull installation.

Step 7 -Then you can choose or create your workspace and start working on eclipse neon.