XSLT Quick overlook

  • XSL (eXtensible Stylesheet Language) is a styling language for XML (more Style Sheet Language)
  • XSL describes how the XML elements should be displayed.
  • XSLT stands for XSL Transformations
  • XSLT for transforming XML documents
  • XPath for navigating in XML documents
  • XQuery for querying XML documents.
  • XSLT used to transform XML documents into other formats like transforming XML into HTML / XHTML.
  • XSLT transforms an XML source-tree into an XML result-tree.
  • XSLT can add/remove elements and attributes to or from the output file. Also rearrange and sort elements, perform tests and make decisions about which elements to hide and display and a lot more.
  • XSLT 2.0, XPath 2.0, and XQuery 1.0, share the same functions library. There are over 100 built-in functions. There are functions for string values, numeric values, date and time comparison, node and QName manipulation, sequence manipulation, and more
  • All major browsers support XSLT and XPath.
    XSLT Sample Example XSLT <xsl:value-of> Element - Example
    XSLT <xsl:for-each> Element - Example
    XSLT <xsl:sort> Element - Add the sort function inside the for loop
    XSLT <xsl:if> Element
    XSLT <xsl:choose> Element - Like if and else condition