HTML tages with example - G to P

Tag Note Description Example
<h1> to <h6> Defines HTML headings

This is heading 1

This is heading 2

This is heading 3

This is heading 4

This is heading 5
This is heading 6
<head> Defines information about the document
				Java Refresh
<header> Defines a header for a document or section
<hr> Defines a thematic change in the content

HTML is a language for describing web pages.....

CSS defines how to display HTML elements.....

<html> Defines the root of an HTML document
<i> Defines a part of text in an alternate voice or mood

Java Object Oriented programming languages.

<iframe> Defines an inline frame
<img> Defines an image
			Smiley face
<input> Defines an input control
First name:
Last name:
<ins> Defines a text that has been inserted into a document

My favorite color is blue red!

<kbd> Defines keyboard input
			Keyboard input
<keygen> Defines a key-pair generator field (for forms)
<label> Defines a label for an <input> element

<legend> Defines a caption for a <fieldset> element
Personal Details: Name:
Date of birth:
<li> Defines a list item
  1. Coffee
  2. Tea
  3. Milk
<link> Defines the relationship between a document and an external resource (most used to link to style sheets)
<main> Specifies the main content of a document

Java Refresh is to refresh Java and related Technologies.

<map> Defines a client-side image-map

<mark> Defines marked/highlighted text

Do not forget to refresh Java before interview.

<menu> Defines a list/menu of commands

Right-click inside this box to see the context menu!

This example currently only works in Firefox!

<menuitem> Defines a command/menu item that the user can invoke from a popup menu
			See the above example...
<meta> Defines metadata about an HTML document
<meter> Defines a scalar measurement within a known range (a gauge)

Display a gauge:

2 out of 10
<nav> Defines navigation links
<noframes> Not supported in HTML5. Defines an alternate content for users that do not support frames
			  Sorry, your browser does not handle frames!
<noscript> Defines an alternate content for users that do not support client-side scripts
<object> Defines an embedded object
<ol> Defines an ordered list
  1. Java
  2. JSP
  3. Servlet
<optgroup> Defines a group of related options in a drop-down list
<option> Defines an option in a drop-down list
			See the above example
<output> Defines the result of a calculation

Note: The output element is not supported in Edge 12 or Internet Explorer and earlier versions.

0 100 + =
<p> Defines a paragraph

This is Java Refresh a paragraph.

<param> Defines a parameter for an object
<picture> Defines a container for multiple image resources
<pre> Defines preformatted text
			Text in a pre element
			is displayed in a fixed-width 
			font, and it preserves
			both      spaces and
			line breaks
<progress> Represents the progress of a task